about riff

Riff Cold Brewed Coffee was co-founded in 2017 in Bend, Oregon by an experienced team from the craft beverages industry. Riff has launched with premium cold brewed coffee across Oregon in packaged bottles, 3 quart bag in box, and kegs. This fall, they will open a unique taproom in Bend that will help reintroduce people to coffee and its endless possibilities available through the cold brewing process. And, they have opened a Riff Tapshack in Eugene, that serves pastries, blended drinks and pours a variety of cold brews from a 4-tap kegerator.

the riff spirit

Why not explore, innovate, and improvise with a drink as old as time? Well, that’s precisely what cold brewed coffee did. It breathed some fresh life into a staid tradition. And we’re excited to take it from there. See, we love coffee, but even more, we love what happens around coffee: conversations, kinship, long drives, slow meals, ideas. So many ideas. Our vision is to stay loose, say yes, and explore coffee as a starting place for a million other good things—and to keep surprising you (and ourselves) with all the ways we brew, blend, bottle, and tip back some cold brewed coffee together.

Our Values: building lasting relationships, transparency, positive force in the community, having fun, and innovation.

the riff taproom

The Taproom is our brand epicenter, our “home base,” providing the richest opportunity for our tribe to experience the Riff spirit— it’s about building relationships, being transparent, positive, innovative and having fun— together. In support of this vision, our Front of House Manager will collaborate with our Taproom leadership team in creating one of the most refreshing, exciting and interactive food and beverage experiences in the country!

the role

The environment and hospitality programs will be designed to encourage vibrant interaction across a broad spectrum of people. Our FOH manager will inspire guests from around the world by creating an extraordinarily fun and professional service experience. This key team member will recruit and train best-in-class personnel, oversee all activity in the taproom, oversee purchasing, planning, and manage the taproom budget and labor costs.


  1. Empathetic
  2. Scrappy Problem Solving
  3. Entrepreneurially Oriented
  4. Passionately Collaborative
  5. Mega Enthusiasm
  6. Inspiring Leadership
  7. Passion for Empowerment & Delegation
  8. Business Acumen
  9. Relentless Attention to Detail
  10. Clear Communication
  11. Solid Presentation Skills
  12. Natural Sense of Humor
  13. Handle Stressful Situations


  1. Design a service model that support Riff’s unique vision for customer empowerment— allowing guests to curate, as much as possible, their own experience in the Taproom
  2. Recruit, onboard, manage and lead all service staff to support a healthy and vibrant team culture
  3. Plan, train, and inspire staff for best-in-class hospitality practices that earn
    regional and national attention
  4. Effectively estimate and plan for service labor requirements as well as service and equipment needs to support appropriate business levels and sound fiscal management
  5. Work with team members to schedule appropriate staffing levels to support projected business activity.
  6. Proactively comply with nutrition and sanitation regulations and safety standards
  7. Manage cash and sales reports while adhering to Riff’s cash handling and reconciliation procedures
  8. Implement systems to ensure a consistent quality level of service is provided at all times
  9. Equipment procurement, maintenance and repairs to support ongoing excellence and capacity
  10. Timely address challenges and complaints from guests to effectively facilitate positive outcomes and long-term relationships
  11. Work closely with HR to maintain accurate payroll records and appropriate staff support
  12. Maintain an enthusiastic, positive and professional approach with coworkers and customers
  13. Give back to our community— look for ways to give a hand, and continually improve yourself, our company and the world!
  14. Coordinate with Head Chef and Founding team to plan and effectively execute Taproom special events such as special product releases, anniversary celebrations, and live music events.
  15. Plan and coordinate ongoing live music programs for the Taproom.

prior experience

  1. At least 3 years of full-time front-of-house operations and/or experience as a hospitality manager in the service or food and beverage industry
  2. Demonstrated passion for craft beverages
  3. Proficiency in operating  a POS (point of sale) system.

position type/expected hours of work

Full-Time Salaried Position. This position regularly requires long hours and weekend work.

Riff Cold Brewed Coffee embraces diversity and equal opportunity. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills

our timeline

We intend to open the Taproom early November. This position to commence late October.

how to apply

Email resume, cover letter, link to your LinkedIn profile, and 2-3 letters of reference by clicking on the “Apply Now” link below.

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