EUGENE, OR— The Riff Tapshack, a coffee stand equipped with four cold brew taps, opened on September 22nd on the corner of 13th and Alder at a kiosk in front of Taylor’s Bar & Grill. While the cold brew kegs make the Tapshack a unique addition to the campus area, the stand is also atypical because it is entirely run by four graduate students from University of Oregon. Known as the Core Leadership team, Briana Buckles, Phil Denara, Travis Kim, and Daryl Mogilewsky are not only tasked with creating and running daily operations of the Tapshack, but also with developing new cold brewed coffee concoctions, conducting market research, and building brand awareness.

Riff CEO and Cofounder, Paul Evers, said, “When Ramzay Hattar, owner of Taylor’s Bar & Grill, approached us about the idea of taking over the corner kiosk in front of Taylor’s, our interest was piqued. But, what put us over the top was the opportunity to tap in to UO’s graduate school for talent.”

The Core Leadership team has hired three other students to work shifts at the Tapshack. “We wanted to find fellow students who are excited about the beverage industry and who are eager to contribute creative ideas. That’s the allure of getting to work on this project – the opportunity to engage collaboration and innovation,” shared Daryl Mogilewsky.

“When Riff was exploring the Tapshack as a new micro retail location, we quickly realized that creating a partnership between the Business school student talent and the highly experienced founder team was a great way to help the brand grow and innovate,” said Sally Bell, Senior Director of Industry Relations at University of Oregon’s Lundquist College of Business. “Students are gaining on-the-ground experience with a new product in the marketplace and the company is getting the chance to test the retail experience with their target market at the helm of the Tapshack.”

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