You’ve heard of coffeefruit, right? No?!

You’re not alone. It’s coffee’s lesser known counterpart, or “alter ego,” the naturally caffeinated, naturally sweet and bright fruity pulp that holds the bean right up until harvest. Until recently, this bashful fruit has been overlooked. It’s about time we nudged its delicious notes of citrus and stonefruit to center stage and show off its surprisingly bubbly personality.

When left to waste, decomposing coffeefruitgenerates a massive impact on the environment:

This year, the global coffee industry will generate an estimated 100B lbs. of coffeefruit waste. Decomposing coffeefruit emits methane gas, equivalent to as much as 36M MT of CO2 this year. That’s the same impact as 14 million cars. Waste ends up in fields and waterways, where it decomposes, releasing harmful mycotoxins into water and soil and destroying ecosystems.

When upcycled for consumption, coffeefruit provides a significant economic uplift for coffee farmers:

By converting waste streams into revenue streams, hard-working coffee farmers around the globe can potentially double their income. Employment opportunities can also double throughout the supply chain, with more of those jobs being made available to women. Coffeefruit requires virtually no additional investment for planting, harvesting and processing. It’s also less subject to volatile commodity pricing.

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