January 18th, 2018

The Coldpresso Martini marks the second edition of our A ________________ ’s Riff Video Series, where we celebrate collaborations with artisans, bartenders, chefs, bakers, artists… (you fill in the blank). We ask them “What if?”, “What if we threw some cold brewed coffee in there?”, “What if it was simmered, frozen, or reduced?” These masters of creativity have responded—each in their own unique personality and style—with exciting new takes on the familiar.

The Coldpresso Martini is a take on the original Espresso Martini, created by “The Cocktail King,” Dick Bradsell. Mr. Bradsell was simply following a patron’s request to combine her two favorite buzzes.

The Coldpresso was created by our friends at Urban Farmer at The Nines Hotel in Portland, Oregon. We’ve included the full recipe and video below where “The Sultan of Sauce,” Josue Moreno (Senior restaurant manager) demonstrates how to make this Riff-inspired cocktail on your own. (Note: The Coldpresso is made with decaffeinated cold brewed coffee to leverage the flavor without the caffeine.)

the coldpresso martini

• 1½ oz Bull Run Distilling “Medoyeff Vodka” (Portland, OR)
• ½ oz Amarula cream liqueur
• ¼ oz Half and Half
• 1 barspoon of vanilla syrup
• 1 oz Riff Cold Brewed Decaf Coffee Concentrate
• Shake in a cocktail shaker and then strain into cocktail coupe or martini shell.

how to make a coldpresso martini:


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