What's on the Menu

Our approach to brewing coffee cold allows for more of coffee’s natural flavors and aromatics to come forward and provide for some fun food pairing opportunities. Many of the items featured on our food menu are inspired by, and sometimes infused with, cold brewed coffee.

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The Meat Locker Canadian bacon, baked egg, arugula, tomato, avocado, mama lil’s aioli, served on a toasted Sparrow Bakery english muffin with fresh fruit
Banana, Lemon Poppyseed or Pumpkin Zucchini
two baked eggs, black beans, tropical salsa, avocado, queso fresco, decaf cold brewed coffee infused enchilada sauce, served on corn tortillas
Hill Meat Co. Bacon, Roasted Potatoes, *Cage-free Baked Egg


french onion dip with coffee crusted bacon & caramelized onions, served with salt & pepper Kettle chips
pimento cheese dip with mama lil’s peppers served with salt & pepper Kettle chips and crudité
a changing selection of seasonal wholesome house-made soups
spiced nuts, organic dried mango, crudité, chips, house-made crackers
a changing selection of seasonal house-made vegetarian soups


beet hummus, arugula lettuce, avocado, tomato, shave onions, & whipped lemon dill cream cheese on a toasted sourdough.
toffee, white chocolate, pecan brownie served with vanilla ice cream and caramel
PNW chicken, crisp Hill Meat bacon, butter leaf, tomato, avocado, mama lil’s spicy pepper aioli, served on toasted sourdough
Off The Cuff infused chocolate chip cookie, with coconut, oats, molasses & pecans
rotating grab-n-go meals to heat up at home, serves 4 people, call to order: 541.312.9330, pickups before 7pm
roasted heirloom mushrooms, organic forbidden rice, shredded kale, avocado, purple daikon, spicy sunflower seeds, chevre cheese & cold brewed coffee balsamic vinaigrette
PNW chicken, Thai peanut sauce, organic forbidden rice, tropical salsa, roasted spicy broccoli, pickled peppers, radishes, tiger salad.
coffee–poached pear, Rogue smoked blue cheese, spicy coffee crusted pecans, arugula & apple butter vinaigrette