Is cold brewed just fancy talk for iced coffee? In a word, heck no. Cold brewed is how it’s made, not necessarily how it’s served. To put it simply, it’s brewed with cold water instead of hot water, which takes its own sweet time producing its own sweet coffee—noticeably smoother, more chocolaty, and less acidic than coffee brewed hot. Iced coffee, on the other hand, is actually hot brewed coffee, diluted, over ice. Which makes you wonder: could cold brewed coffee be served hot? The mind reels.

Why not explore, innovate, and improvise with a drink as old as time? Well, that’s precisely what cold brewed coffee did. It breathed some fresh life into a dormant tradition. And we’re excited to take it from there. See, we love coffee, but even more, we love what happens around coffee: conversations, kinship, long drives, slow meals, ideas. So many ideas. Our vision is to stay loose, say yes, and explore coffee as a starting place for a million other good things—and to keep surprising you (and ourselves) with all the ways we brew, blend, bottle, and tip back some cold brewed coffee together.

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